June 22, 2012

Today in Life As I Know It

You know how when you don't feel good, it's hard to go to bed, because you just lay there and think about how much everything hurts? I got that.

Naturally, I am distracting myself with the computer, but it's a bit hard because my right index finger stopped working a few hours ago. And typing without your right index finger gets a little tricky, but I am DETERMINED to win this pretend fight with myself.

Meanwhile, my kids have told me about 100 times that Brave is in the movie theaters.  I should say movie theater, because there's only one theater close to us. Do you know how stupid that is? I feel like I live in a pretty well-populated area, and that we should at LEAST have two movie theaters. AT THE VERY LEAST. 

Now look at my cucumbers. 

I love my little container garden.

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