June 18, 2012

Those is the Rules

It's officially summer.

We celebrated by staying inside because it was raining and too cold to go swimming... well played summer, well played.

In other news, I have signed up for classes. Just two, BUT STILL. I can't wait to be the oldest kid in the class, SO MUCH FUN.

Meanwhile, we have promised the children that if they get the WHOLE HOUSE clean this summer, then we would go to Kings Dominion or Six Flags. Naturally, we have different ideas of what clean is. Also, naturally, since I'm the mom (also known as the boss), my version of clean is what will win in the end, and as I was explaining that the WHOLE HOUSE included things like windows, and ceiling fans, and baseboards, people got semi-sad looks on their faces. But also, as I explained to people, I didn't smoosh my dirty face against the window and lick it, and therefore, I shall not be cleaning that up, but I am more than happy to provide glass cleaner and rags to those that DID do it.

I think I must be hard to live with.