June 14, 2012


So remember a week ago I was all, "I think I'll go to school" and such? Yeah. THAT HAPPENED.

I applied for school on Monday, applied for the FAFSA on Tuesday, and took my placement exams, talked to an advisor, and visited financial aid TODAY.

I was freaking out about the placement tests. I know they tell you not to worry about it, but that's hard when you haven't seen the inside of a school for 10+ years. And I had to tell every one I talked to that I wasn't coming BACK to school. I was coming PERIOD. For the first time EVER. Then we all got excited together and talked about our kids and life in general. Then, a super nice lady moved my name to the top of the list so that I could be home on time for the bus stop. It was MAGICAL.

But I still was freaking out about the dumb placement tests.

HOWEVER. I aced the reading and writing (what up!), but then it was time for the math. (insert scary music)

I have not taken a math course since 1998. NINETEEN NINETY EIGHT.

And I very much did not want to see my test scores, because I knew they would be awful, and at the very least, that my super math fiend husband and I would get a laugh about it....

As it turns out, I did pretty danged good on the math portion of the test, and I can jump straight back in to pre-calculus.... not that I will, because A) I don't need it and B) I would be SO LOST and C) I think I mostly am a really good guesser.

I am in total disbelief over it. There is no way I could jump back into that high of a math and feel comfortable. What's really funny is that on one of the graphing questions, I knew the answer because of photoshop. Sinewaves? GOT IT.

P.S. I'm going to school for Health Administration. I WAS thinking about web design, but then I remembered that I sorta already DO that, and I HATE IT. I like doing my OWN stuff, but I really hate working directly with clients and jumping through hoops, and my most favorite job ever was working in a pediatricians office. Color coded medical charts make my heart go pitter pat. 

P.P.S. School starts August 22.