May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Taylor had a birthday. She is now FIVE, which is good for her, but makes me feel weird on the inside.

GUYS: I DON'T HAVE BABIES. Or even toddlers. I have KIDS. It's a totally bizarre feeling that I can't explain.

I have noticed that while I continue to like people with babies, my closest kinds of friends don't have them. Not that I purposely avoid them or anything, but let me tell you about life without babies: It. Is. Glorious.

Not that there is anything wrong with a baby, I mean, I like them just fine... but kids are fun. And mobile. And self sufficient. And can buckle themselves.  I could go on and on about it, but I can sense your jealousy of my glorious life.

AND! AND! Next year, everyone will be in school.

You know how some people are sad about kids going to school and shed a tear and all that? Not me. And lest you think that this makes me some kind of terrible person, I'll have you know that my kids cannot wait to leave me either. It works for us.

Meanwhile, let's talk about my headache that will not quit.

And also let's talk about the awkwardness that was me teaching Sunday School about patriarchal blessings this week. Why was it awkward? Well, I have a slight lisp, you see, which was made very apparent by the fact that my lips also were numb. Why were my lips numb? Because I have MS. So with my lips not working, PLUS my slightish lisp, PLUS the letter "P", it was basically a train wreck of a speech impediment, and my dear sweet students pretended not to notice.... as if I couldn't hear my own self.  Ah well, that's why a sense of humor is necessary in life, is it not?