April 11, 2012

And then it was April

I feel like I’m losing time. Or not so much that I’m losing it, so much as it’s speeding by so quickly that it’s all I can do to keep breathing.

The kids started soccer. There is lots of driving back and forth and eating on the go. I bought chairs and a water cooler and we have a pop up tent because we are spending a lot of time outside… which is exactly the opposite of what I should be doing according to the warning labels on my meds. It probably explains why I’m so tired.

True story: I went to bed at 10 last night, woke up this morning at 8, just in time to get people off to school in a rush, then laid on the couch and had a nap until 1:00pm. Then I went to the grocery store and made dinner and, you know, interacted with my family and now it’s 8:15, my whole body is throbbing in pain, my fever has spiked, and my feet have gone numb. Of course, this is also partly because we’ve had wonky weather and I can’t deal with drastic atmospheric changes. It makes me want to die on the inside.

In other news, Taylor is getting ear tubes in a couple of weeks. I *think* her adenoids are also getting taken out, but I for the life of me can’t remember  for sure either way on that one. I know that I would PREFER them to be out, so, you know… at least there’s that.

Also speaking of Taylor, she told me that she love me so much that when I’m very old and dead, she would dig up my bones and give them to her dog, which she would name Caroline… which is my name. She is sure that this is a great honor, so I just said thank you, but I would like it known that I would prefer to not be purposely chewed on.

I also have to tell you about one of my new favorite shows. It’s called Duck Dynasty and it’s on A&E and I LOVE THAT FAMILY. We could be friends. And the grandfatherly advice from Phil is glorious.

Also next year, I am thinking about taking a class at the community college, just for kicks. I can’t decide what kind of class I should take, though. Mostly, I just want it to be at the right time. I kinda think it would be fun to take a math class… or not. I JUST DON’T KNOW. Algebra is sexy.

And now I’m going to bed, because tomorrow is our crazy day, plus also: I’m a wimp. and also, also: I have MS.

Ooh, and Easter… yes, I made people matching skirts and bow ties.


We tried jumping the same time, it just didn’t work…

The end.