April 30, 2012

And then April was almost over

I ended up missing a whole week of injections, because not only did I not call in my refill on time, they had screwed up the billing. So it looked like I owed a WHOLE lot of money, when I did NOT. And by the time we finally got everything straightened out, and delivered, it was just going to be easy to wait one more day.

So I took my shot last night, and now my body is rebelling, and it feels like I got hit by a truck all over again, and I can’t stop throwing up. That’s the most fun side effect of stupid chemo drugs. Luckily, I’m a vomiting pro. Sadly, that is not a fun contest to win.

In other news, everyone won their soccer MATCH on Saturday. Did you know that it’s not a game, it’s a match? Because I didn’t. BUT NOW I DO, and now you have learned something. I told you it pays to read my dumb blog.