February 29, 2012

Week in Review

Daniel pretty much hasn’t spoken since his surgery. He uses his hands and points to thing, and I think he’s afraid to open his mouth. Mostly because every time he DID he would throw up, and throwing up when your throat is all cut up is probably pretty painful. Not that I know for sure, but I think it’s a fair assumption.

I was also thinking in the midst of this, how glad I am that my people are big enough to throw up in the toilet. (There are different degrees of vomit, you know…. just like there are different degrees of bleeding, which in my opinion, is still preferable to vomit.)

In other news, I found a support group for one of the medications I take, and I was SO GLAD to read one of the first comments, because a lady was all, “AGH! IT BURNS SO MUCH! I’M MELTING! AGH! AGH! AGH!” and instead of being nice, I was all, SWEET! Burning after an injection is normal! It’s not just me! And then!MORE people left comments and told her all sorts of things that would help. I read through all the comments, and then decided, I’d rather have it burn for a little while. You know why? Maintenance.

Currently, my night time meds routine is pretty involved, with Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday being extra involved. I don’t need to add another 30 minutes for ice packs and pain pills to kick in first and what not….

Also speaking of injections: two weeks ago, I accidentally put the needle over a vein, and shot my meds straight into my blood stream. Then I died.

PLUS ALSO: It’s March!