March 13, 2012

I have really got to start looking at the calendar every day.

I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the computer and blogged about anything. Everyone is doing pretty good these days. Daniel is pretty much back to normal, and now we get to move on to Taylor and her ear problems.

Also: it is suddenly HOT here. Which typing that out makes me laugh, because it’s not all that hot when you consider where I grew up, BUT STILL. Changes in the weather make me want to die, and I may have spent the majority of the last two days laying on the ground near the air conditioner vent with the computer on the floor so I could watch hulu. My life is glamorous, no?

I also got to see my neuro today, and Blayne and I had a follow up dental appointment. (We were blessed with soft teeth.) I scheduled my MRI, and have orders for new bloodwork, and we’re just waiting on everything else. I don’t know if I mentioned it already, but I had my follow-up eye appointment, and everything looked great, so I only have to have my eye’s checked once a year OR if/when I have issues. And my appointment with my endo is coming up and I kinda want my thyroid tumor to be bigger so that they stop watching it, and just take it all out. I have a very good attitude about extra body parts these days. If I could, I would have a hospital day and just take out all the things that are mean to me and that aren’t critical for daily life, such as my stupid gallbladder and appendix and my dumb thyroid.

Also: please go see this cartoon about Danny and his new haircut.

monkey haircut

P.S. We had our ten year anniversary on March , holla! It was a fun day, because I believe in making it a family celebration, because it IS the birthday of our family, after all. And in the name of tradition, I wrapped up 10 gifts, one for each year, in TIN foil. Because tin is the traditional gift. Not that I gave anyone tin. I made the theme “Life is Sweet” and bought 8 bags of candy, one bag of marshmallows, and gift number ten was marshmallow guns for everyone. Then we had a marshmallow fight. It’s how we roll. Plus: SUPER EASY.

Now I’m done.