February 7, 2012


*deep breath*


Eat to Live, I mean… you know, that thing my doctors recommended to me last summer, but then I started on a crapload of new meds, so they changed their minds, and were all, “Actually, let’s make sure we can get rid of those mouth ulcers and that the interferon therapy doesn’t kill you first, and THEN we’ll talk about the no sugar/dairy/meat thing.”

And now, I’m at a pretty good place in all the other areas of life (except for the hair loss. mostly it’s just annoying because it clogs up the drains, and my bathroom is atrocious… thank goodness I had hella thick hair to begin with) so I’m going to implement the biggest change of them all: DIET.

And I have nothing else to say concerning this, but you should probably expect some sort of whining/complaining/gnashing of teeth in the future. (I hear that going caffeine free turns some people into monsters. good thing I’m naturally mean already.)