February 9, 2012

Multicultural Night

We got Tad’s staples out tonight. He was really worried about whether or not it was going to hurt, and even though I told him it wouldn’t, he still had to fake cry all the way leading up to the actual act of getting them out. And THEN he less-fake-cried all the way to the car, until I told him to just shut up already, which somehow magically turned the whole experience from frightful and scary to weird and tickly. I DON’T UNDERSTAND CHILDREN.

It was also multicultural night at school, and I’m going to tell you all the ways in which the school screws it up. FIRSTLY, they let people come into the school via too many doors, so there is no traffic flow. SECONDLY, there is never enough seating, which brings me to number three: they need to work out a deal with the high school and borrow the auditorium. This is technically the ONLY CONCERT of the entire school year. We have no Christmas concert… there is no spring sing. In fact, I am very unimpressed with the music teacher, and you know what else I decided? It bugs me that there isn’t a pianist for the event. When groups of kids are singing to a recording, it sounds bad, most especially because it’s not even a good recording! It’s not even a karaoke version. It’s the same thing as turning on the car radio and singing along. IT’S SO BAD. Which is unfortunate, because the kids are SO cute, and SO excited, and it’s really the adults that have screwed it up. And, since it’s “winter” they don’t turn on the air conditioning, so hundreds of people in heavy coats, are squished together in a room with poor acoustics, and it smells GROSS.

ANYWAY. That’s what happened today. On the ninth. Of February. The end.