February 21, 2012

Dentists and stuff

We had dentist appointments today.

Older kids are nice because they can go to regular sorts of doctors and dentists instead of pediatric ones, AND you can do everything in one fell swoop.

We even made it a big deal by telling them that because they're so BIG NOW and not such whiny babies, that they get to go to the FAMILY dentist instead of the BABY dentist.

It's kinda a thing these days, because heaven forbid you tell my kid they're acting like a baby. THERE ARE NO BABIES IN THIS HOUSE, UNDERSTOOD?

And because there are no babies in this house, they get to do fun things, like go to "real" dentists.

In other unrelated news: I have made a new blog. For all my dumb cartoons. Because lots of you just want to laugh at stick figure drawings, and that's okay with me. In fact, it will be kinda fun to have everything in one place. At any rate, the new blog is called STICK YOUR MOM SAYS and this is the button:

Stick Your Mom Says

And I will be posting all my old cartoons, and then adding new ones soonish because I have a really great story about Daniel and his haircut requests.

The end.