February 10, 2012

The days are starting to run into each other

I finally had my bone density scan. It was way easy, except that I had to turn my knees in and HOLD for like 20 minutes, which has made my hip hurt the whole rest of the day.

Plus also, it's Friday, which is usually my lay on the couch and not die day. But instead I got to take all of the kids to the rhematologist with me, because DadGuy had to work off site, and by the time I realized my scheduling mishap, it was too late to do anything about it.

SO TO RECAP: We had a long night yesterday with the multicultural night thing, and we went to bed more than an hour late, and then I woke everyone up early because my appointment was at the crack of dawn, and in another town.

And THEN since I was already out and about, and since we had no groceries, because I personally haven't gone anywhere except to the doctor and the pharmacy for over two weeks.

I have re-read that sentence a few times, and it doesn't make sense to me, and I don't know why, but I don't know what I would change either. This is what happens when I have a long day.

Did I mention that I was up all night again? Or could you tell? Sometimes, my insomnia shows and I'm not really aware of how bad it is until I hear recaps later.