February 16, 2012

Bingham Problems

Daniel has had a bad week.

He had pink eye, another double ear infection, and to top it all off, last night, he busted his head open. Which, you know, isn’t usually THAT big of a problem, except that his surgery consult was the next day, and there is only so much cash in the doctor budget, that was already blown this week on three cases of pink eye and a trip to urgent care.

So instead, DadGuy and I chose to bust out with our own First Aid kit, which is probably more extensive than most people’s, and we fixed the problem ourselves. The only argument came when he tried to use liquid bandaid, which is NOT as good as regular old superglue for holding gaping holes together. Plus, it burns. And WHAT is the point of making the wound sting if it’s not even going to hold the skin together?

Of course, everybody  had to cry, because whenever there’s blood, we all hurt on the inside.

Want to know what’s more obnoxious that trying to stop your 5 year old from freaking out over a head wound? Trying to convince the siblings that he’s not going to die.

At any rate, Daniel. Surgery. February 28th. We’re super excited.