February 5, 2012

baby steps

Remember how awhile back, I was all “I need to get myself on a schedule, yessir!” and then I didn’t do anything about it? I mean, I THOUGHT REALLY HARD about it and all, but as far as the actual DOING part, it was a big fat fail.

It’s because I have to do things in baby steps for them to stick. I can’t just DECIDE to do something huge and involved all at once. Every time I do things like that, I get sick for approximately 2 months. Every time. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the kids in my Sunday School class don’t even think I’m their teacher, on account of me never being there. At least when I come it’s memorable? Maybe?

At any rate, I have DECIDED to TAKE ACTION with the plan that I made in my head like, 4 months ago.

Hey, baby steps people.