January 9, 2012

Wild Tangents

It’s snowing for the first time this winter. It’s pretty exciting. And stinky that the older kids are at school where they probably are just watching through the windows, barely able to contain their excitement. Of course, being that we live where we live, school will probably be cancelled tomorrow. That’s how we roll in Northern Virginia.


Every Sunday, after church, we have Nacho’s. And while we’re eating our late lunch of deliciousness, I ask my kids what they learned at chuch. WITHOUT FAIL, Blayne will not remember, Daniel says Jesus Christ, and Taylor says Choose the Right, while Tad starts to sing whatever song they are learning. EVERY. TIME. So I have decided to start my Sunday School lessons into a family home evening lesson for my kids, because beyond knowing the name of Jesus Christ, it would be nice if my kids knew who He was a little more. You know, brainwashing the children and all that.

(And I believe that ALL children are brainwashed. All of them. Know why? Because kids know what they know, which is taught by who they live with, and they believe whatever you believe. Because they’re children, and that’s how life works. End rant.)

Do you enjoy my tangents or WHAT?

Do you know what else I am thinking about today? I am thinking about all of my friends who are English majors and teachers and what not, who read my blog and cringe at my absolute misuse of grammar. I always want to half heartedly apologize to you, but, because it’s insincere, what really is the point? I ACKNOWLEDGE MY MISTAKES. And really, that’s all we can ask of people these days.