January 4, 2012

Daily Health Journal! Take back your health in 2012!

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Six months ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Raynaud’s Disease, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, arthritis, AND we found a tumor on my thyroid. This was all compounded by the fact that I already had an autoimmune disease, and had been on hormone therapy for the last 7 years. (Mostly I just feel validated that there WAS something wrong all these years, thank you for asking.)

And as I began treatment for each of my delightful diseases, I was told to start journaling the minute details of my life, because ANYTHING could cause a relapse, and we need to know what my  triggers are.

I also have to track how my medications are working, whether or not symptoms are improving, and it’s helpful to know where I’ve administered my injections, so that I don’t blow out an injection site. (Are you bored of my health history yet?)

In addition, I needed a place to keep track of what I eat, because I get to try out a new diet this year, and since I always have some kind of low-grade fever, we have to track what MY normal is.

BASICALLY, I needed a personalized health journal that would hold all of my information in one space, and since I couldn’t FIND one, I made one. My life is SO exciting.

And as I’ve talked to other people who are dealing with health issues, I’ve found that I’m not alone in my need for a One-Stop-Shop kind of daily health journal. So I’m sharing mine, and I hope that it helps you, as much as it helps me.

And also, also: try not to grow tumors, okay?


health copy

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  • It’s BEST if you print this double sided, so that you can just three hole punch it, and have a 2 page spread open in your binder…. You’ll need a binder.
  • IN YOUR BINDER: Also get baseball card sleeves (aka Pokemon card holders) to put in your binder to hold the business cards of your doctors.


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