January 13, 2012


I always think it’s interesting to hear how people budget their money, because different people have different priorities.

For example: today I did errands.

And I had X amount of money to spend, and that is our groceries/gas/everything money for the week. I guess, it’s more of my run the household money, than my grocery money, since I use it for more than just food. ANYHOW.

I knew that I had X amount of money for the week. I also knew that I would pass a thrift store, and I would go in and look, because sometimes I find good stuff in there, and sometimes I don’t.

And TODAY, I found good stuff. Actually, it was perfect. You see, I decorate things over TIME, and my style, is country cottage quirky with a touch of minimalist modern. I know, it sounds weird, but I promise, it’s kinda cute. And when it comes to getting stuff for my house, I’m of the mind that you should only get stuff you absolutely love, can’t live without, and it will all come together eventually.

At any rate, the wall at the top of my stairs and me have been working on a weird collection of pictures and things  that I love, and I had this one empty spot that was long and narrow, next to our machete (yes really), and I knew that I would find something eventually that would fit, but I didn’t really know what that something WAS.

But I found a mirror that was exactly the right size.

And I also got some bookends. I couldn’t help it. IT WAS AN AMPERSAND.

And there was a set of 3 white solid wood shelves for $4.00 FOUR DOLLARS PEOPLE.

And there was a brand new dress, tags still on, that was exactly Taylor’s size, and it had STRIPES, which is an extra bonus, because did I tell you that Taylor only wants to wear STRIPES and RUFFLES these days? And if she doesn’t have those things, then she walks around the house in her underwear. And sometimes, I turn the heater way down and then she tells me “I’m cold” and I tell her “put on some pants” and it’s a parenting roller coaster that never, ever ends.


I spent some of my “grocery money” and I adjusted my shopping list accordingly.

But I know that some people wouldn’t even stop unless they are specifically looking for something and going to a certain place to get that. And if I’m shopping for clothes for myself, then yes, totally need a game plan, and set budget, and all that jazz.

But, you know, I got home and hung up my new/old stuff, and I just looked over at that wall, and it makes me smile.