January 12, 2012


Awesome: The moment you feel your drugs kick in.
Not awesome: having blurry vision be a side effect.. (it will pass. I should probably stop typing since I can’t see the screen clearly.) I think this is why  people use glasses, not that they would help, because I did it to myself on purpose. In my defense, I need to sleep more.
Last thing of the night: I am working on an article for a magazine, and I would like to hear what technologies you use every day. And by technology, I mean apps, and etc., not hair dryers. Because while yes, that has some technology, it’s more of an appliance. And I don’t want to talk about appliances, unless it’s about how you’re going to give me new ones, and do you think the Electrolux really boils water in 90 seconds? I wonder about that sometimes when I’m making pasta.
BACK TO TOPIC; email me you favorite, most helpful technologies. Here is my email: caroline@thebinghamdiaries.com
(I really like my email address except for when I’m filling out forms, and they only give you an inch to write your email. Everybody I know has a relatively long email address, so I think that form makers and designers should be more considerate. I mean, REALLY people.)