December 19, 2011

Weekend Update

We had the baptism, and it was great. Thaddeus was great, and everyone showed up on time, and the program was great. We even took great pictures, except that the camera is downstairs, and I am upstairs, and it is Monday, and I feel trashed, and the thought of walking down 15 steps and then back up them again is more than I can take.

So that was Saturday.

There was also a ward party on Saturday, which was nice. Except I didn’t realize that I should have dressed my salad, so I just brought a bucket of really nice mixed greens, and that was it. Because, I don’t know, I thought someone else would bring the dressing. Sorry ward.

Plus did I mention that my parents got  into town super late Friday/early Saturday? So there was that whole middle of the night airport run…

And then it was Sunday. Which is always crazy, and we have church in the middle of the day, and the gal that I team teach with taught a great lesson about the family tree of Mary and Joseph and what not, and I sat in the corner and made fun of all the kids. HEY. Someone has to do it. We also collectively as a class decided that the “miracle of birth” was exceedingly gross. Because, HEY HEY, nativity story.

Which brings us to today. Which is always a bad day for me. Because, you know, injection schedule and all that. PLUS, it’s the week before Christmas. And we made up Family Home Evening on the spot, because it was bedtime, and Daniel was all “But it’s my turn to be leader!” So we had an impromptu lesson about what our gift to Christ would be. Daniel’s gift to the Savior will be to keep his hands to himself, Blayne is going to be nice to everyone, Taylor is going to help clean up, and Thaddeus said he would make sure that we always had Family Home Evening.  My gift to the Savior is going to be to regular family scripture study, because we are really bad at that.

And now, now I am waiting for my pain pills to kick in, then I’m going to crawl into bed and snuggle up with my heating pad, and cross my fingers that no little children sneak into my bed.