December 20, 2011


I was going to write one thing, but then I decided not to, so we’re going to talk about the weather. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and I am sorry, but it is December, and that rain should be snow. LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW.

I am also going to have a wrapping marathon tomorrow. Because I will have some alone time, and I need to make the most of it.

Plus I’m also making new Christmas stockings, but they probably won’t be used until next year. Because that is how my life goes. Besides, we HAVE stockings, they’re just not like the ones I grew up with, and I loved those ones.  It’s also helpful that they’re a little bit smaller, so they’re easier to fill up, which is why I hate giant stockings. I feel like the stockings should be full of goodies, overflowing even.

Speaking of stockings, this year, we have decided to forgo the trading of the names. Instead of having each child get another child a gift, we are all going to get stocking stuffers, so people can buy 6 small things…. like chapstick. My kids really like chapstick. And flashlights.  Flashlights make GREAT stocking stuffers. Of course, we could end up with just about anything, because my kids are funny. Personally, I’m probably going to get everyone a box of Christmas band-aids, because kids love band-aids. And then, when they fall down, but aren’t bleeding, yet still need a band-aid, they can use their own, and MY band-aids, the GOOD band-aids, will be saved for actual bleeding.

THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU’RE A MOM…. you buy band-aids as Christmas gifts.

Do you know what else I have been doing these days? Eating candy canes. Cherry rainbow candy canes and Spree candy canes are my favorite thing in the whole world. Okay, that might be a teensy bit dramatic, but I definitely love them. Maybe because of the novelty of them only being available for 6 weeks of the year? I’m not sure, but I love them. and I just ate four. Candy canes are also my favorite tree decoration because then, when people come and visit you, you can say, “Why don’t you pick a candy cane? I have lots of flavors on there!” because really, who wants peppermint candy canes when you can have ones with bubble gum on the inside? (Bubble gum candy canes taste gross, but kids like them anyways.)

And that completes my thoughts for the day.