December 3, 2011

This week:

We had birthdays this week. Blayne turned seven, and then the very next day, Thaddeus turned eight. Because we're clever with the arranging of the birthdays.

We celebrated by going back to school and doing extra homework.


There was also cake.

Now let's talk about how Blayne talks to me these days.... IN FRENCH.  It goes like this:

"french words, french words, french words.... Mom, what did I say?"

And I go: blink. I have no idea, and what's more, I do not care to know.

Back to the goings on of today, the kids received quite a lot of birthday money, and they wanted to spend it. And because I have done such a fantastic job of raising my kids, Thaddeus and Blayne pooled their money, and made sure everyone got a little something. We are now the proud owners of even more Pokemon cards, an enormous dog, and a super soft teddy bear.

(Meredith and Verity... mostly Verity I think... Thaddeus wants to know if you still play Pokemon and if you have any good cards left you would want to send him. Because, he says, you are a little too much grown up to collect Pokemon anymore.) 

Awesome thing of the day: Daniel kept asking me for a throw up.... except that he wanted a fruit roll-up. We need to start speech therapy asap.