December 29, 2011

Christmas BREAK

Christmas break is kicking my trash. Yeah, I said it. It’s been fun and fantastic, but I am exhausted… and I haven’t even done anything.

My Christmas gift this year was my parents visit (so nice) who also volunteered to help with a house project. So they did a bunch of things around my house that DadGuy hasn’t been able to get to, and that I haven’t been able to take care of myself. Like rehanging the curtains a foot higher, and moving the coat hooks to a different wall so that when you open my front door it’s not all “HEY BACKPACKS AND CHAOS!” It really is much better all around.

Plus, my mom made me absolutely GORGEOUS crocheted hot pads and she brought the matching dishcloths that my grandma knit. Things like that make me smile. Plus, she brought me the patterns for the Christmas stockings, and last night, I started beading. ALSO: dear sweet sisters that just made their own stockings, I changed the patterns. YES, YES I DID. And you will love it. So you’ll probably have to redo the ones you just did. Or not. But you’ll want to. They’re that gorgeous.

Want to know something else really funny that happened? Except that now it’s not really so much a “funny ha-ha” so much as a “funny SO SAD” because this is now the FIFTH TIME I have sprained my ankle in this house. I HAVE TO MOVE SOMEWHERE WITH LESS STAIRS. I swear, those damn stairs do something to the nerves in my legs, and then they go NUMB and then I fall down them… the stairs. And I do not fall gracefully, as evidenced by the scraped palms, torn quadriceps, and sprained ankle. At least I was wearing pants this time. And my parents and husband came to my rescue instead of my male neighbors. It’s the little things in life.