November 25, 2011


Man alive, I hate filling out forms.

Thaddeus and Blayne are wicked smart, and their teachers want them to be part of the gifted program. Which is like, “Hooray! Awesome! Maybe they won’t be bored out of their minds at school!” and is also like, “WHOA, PAPERWORK.”

And since this is our life, as told by me, we’re going to focus on the WHOA, PAPERWORK part of the equation, because I’m not sure I answered the questions right. Pages of paperwork were all, “Describe how your child has used a part experience to solve a present problem” and I was all, “Uhhhh…. doesn’t EVERYONE do that? It’s called learning.” But really, I was like, THINK Caroline, THINK, and I had could not for the life of me think of a specific example.

Naturally, I got the DadGuy involved, and after reading him the questions, he started laughing, and suggested I just write “He likes math” for every question. Which was not appropriate, and do you see why I married him now?

Basically, I tried my best to answer pages of questions that all asked the same thing in a slightly different way. It was infuriating. And I get to do it twice. AWESOME.