November 30, 2011

5 out of 6

We ate cereal for dinner.

We had cereal for dinner, because we all have strep throat.

And when I say “we all” what I mean is “myself and the children” because the DadGuy always manages to not get sick. We like to blame it on that one time when he was exposed to radiation when he lived in Russia. It’s also why he keeps his hair relatively short. I am getting off topic.


We have a lot of cereal at our house, because we have strep throat.

Because we have strep throat, we got a lot of prescriptions.

And because we had a lot of prescriptions, we got a lot of coupons.

One $20 coupon for each prescription, to be exact.

Being sick is a lucrative business.

But the coupons expire next week, and it was at a store that I don’t really go to all that often, but if someone is going to give me money, then I suppose I should spend it.

So this morning, when my children were not in school, we trekked over to the grocery store, and dropped off yet another three prescriptions (sixty more dollars!) and then bought all sorts of things that make being sick bearable… things like popsicles and candy canes.

And we bought other things that I wouldn’t usually purchase, because, well, FREE MONEY.

So I let the kids each pick out their own box of cereal. And I didn’t even say no.

Daniel grabbed Cocoa Puffs.

Blayne chose Cookie Crisp.

Taylor took Lucky Charms.

And Thaddeus picked Smart Start, because he IS, after all, practically eight.

For myself, I stocked up on pre-made school snacks.

(That is how you know you’ve made it big in this world, when you can afford to buy pre-packaged snacks.)

I am quite looking forward to not having to make snacks for school.

I hate making snacks. And lunch. Lunch is an annoyance to me. 

And my kids are excited about not having homemade cookies and celery sticks.

I am excited that they are going back to school.

And for having 4 sick children at home with me, on top of my already regularly scheduled “sick day”, I think I should get a medal.

Or maybe more free cereal.