October 25, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a pretty good weekend. It was going really great until Sunday afternoon when I died and then ended up hanging out in the hospital for most of Monday.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I was at the "bad hospital" until it was too late, and the nurse had butchered my IV, and I was bleeding all over the place. If I had been able to walk, I would have left. Except that I was dying, and therefore, at the mercy of some of the worst nurses and doctors I have ever in my life encountered. (And I have been to a LOT of doctors.)

FOUR different doctors/nurses accused me of lying and just trying to get a hit of morphine, because OBVIOUSLY, the debilitating pain I was experiencing was a joke. Ah-ha. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

But now I'm home, and I'm doing better, and I'm going to see doctors who are actually helpful.