October 7, 2011

Thoughts on a Friday afternoon

I think that people take themselves too seriously sometimes.

I think life is supposed to be fun, and you’re supposed to laugh, and you’re supposed to “Remember that one time” and have deeply personal and silly conversations late into the night.

I think that people only grow by recognizing the past. And that nobody was ever perfect, and that you shouldn’t pretend to be.

I think that most people are trying to do their very best all the time, and that generally speaking, they don’t go out of their way to offend you.

I think that life is short, and that we’re all doing the best we can.

I also think that you don’t have to like everyone, and that everyone doesn’t have to like you… And I think that a lot of people haven’t figured that out yet.

I think that sometimes when people are missing something in their life, they displace other emotions to fill up the empty space, and that sometimes they don’t realize how many people they are catching in the cross fire.

I think that people work too hard, for the wrong reasons, and they never figure out that RIGHT NOW is the best time they’re ever going to have in their life.

I also think that family traditions, whatever they may be, are equal parts fun, silliness, and stupidity. Everyone has had a horrible Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween/Birthday. It’s the horrible things that make the good ones that much sweeter.

(I mean seriously. Can we remember the Christmas that DadGuy broke the water main to our house? ON CHRISTMAS. It made the next year when we could cook and have showers that much more awesome.)

I also think that sometimes people that are really smart and really educated say really stupid things. And that if these smart people say such stupid things, then we should really give the regular people a break.

I think that the weather today is really, really nice, and that my joints are still hurting anyways. I think that this means that I’m going to get cortisone injections in my elbows at my next appointment.

I think that making a hot breakfast is overrated. I think that kids like to eat cereal and toast and call it a day.

I think people don’t understand the nature of some diseases and are quick to make judgments about people’s health. Which is sad, because those people will never understand how horrible it feels to not be able to control the way your body reacts to anything, even insignificant things, like whether or not the sun is out today.

I think that health is a luxury that most people strive to obtain, and that it’s not something that you just decide to be. That’s the same as telling someone to just be happy. You can’t just “be” something. You have to actively seek things, because life is a verb… it requires action.

I think that it’s Friday night, and I have a hot date with my family and a bowl of popcorn.

I also think that I’m going to enjoy a nice, iced Dr. Pepper, because contrary to what you think, soda consumption did NOT, in fact, cause me contract a neurological disease. Thank you for your judgment.