October 4, 2011

The Professionals

After school today, we went to get flu shots.

This was an adventure, because we had to drive across town to the minute clinic at CVS pharmacy.

We had to drive across town because it’s the only place where they A) take our insurance and B) give flu shots to people under 18.

My husband asked why we didn’t just go to the pediatrician…. The pediatrician would cost us $25 per person. And at CVS, flu shots are FREE. Which is a difference of $100.

At any rate, while we were in the room at the minute clinic, the kids were asking all sorts of questions about the needle the nurse was going to use.

And then they pulled up their sleeves, and alcohol swabbed their own arms, and told the nurse she has to wait a minute until it dries.

The nurse was very impressed.

She was even more impressed when nobody even flinched during their injections.

CONCLUSION: We have become shot professionals.