October 27, 2011

No Choice for You

I’ve spent most of today napping.

Then when I wasn’t napping, I was organizing my external hard drive.

Because these are the things that are important in life.

Also, I like to exert absolute control over things like hard drives, because no matter what, they always work exactly the way they should, which is slightly mollifying these days.

Of course, my nap accidentally ran late, which made me late to pick up Taylor from preschool, but it was okay, because preschool ran late. Also: the house it was at also has a mom who has chronic illness problems, and when I showed up late in my pajamas, she was 150% understanding and gracious. Because she’s awesome.

Actually, all of the moms in my preschool group are pretty awesome, which basically  means that they’re mellow and “no big deal” about preschool. I can’t handle Type-A parents for a free neighborhood preschool.  It just seems wrong to me on so many levels. (WE ARE NOT TEACHERS. WE ARE MOMS. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE TEACHERS EITHER. WE WANT TO HAVE A NAP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. THAT’S WHY WE PARTICIPATE IN PRESCHOOL.)

Sorry for raising my voice.

(Not really.)

In other news, we busted out with the Halloween costumes. My kids have to wear old costumes (the shame) and they could care less. I offered to make them new costumes, but nobody liked my suggestions. Mostly because all of my suggestions involved using a box, because boxes are free, but they didn’t want to dress up like robots or legos or rubix cubes.  In fact, Taylor wanted to be the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, which is exactly the opposite shape of a box. 

And I just changed my mind about the napping. You see, napping implies that I chose to lay down and close my eyes, when in reality, I do not have a choice. I have side effects.

The end.