October 31, 2011

the 31st

We got a new dishwasher this weekend. Our old one died. It just stopped working, mid-cycle, and we couldn’t do anything to fix it. We are now the proud owners of a new Maytag dishwasher. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that nothing else breaks until next year.

I get to have more tests next week. I have to go give blood this week, and next week, we’re looking at my insides. Oooohhhhh. Let’s also keep our fingers crossed that nothing else breaks until next year.

In other fun news, it’s Halloween. We went treating, no tricks allowed. We did less than half of the neighborhood, and we have gobs of candy. We even tried giving it away to the kids that came to our house. You trick or treat at the Bingham’s, and you’re getting a handful. None of this one-piece-per-child nonsense.

I have pictures of my children, but the camera is downstairs, and I am upstairs, and this is a dilemma. This is a dilemma, because SINCE I took my kids around the neighborhood, my body decided to get mad, and it is now revolting via something akin to vertigo, only slightly less disorienting, with partial numbness in my left wrist and legs. If you like, you can cross your fingers again that I make it up the last flight of stairs to my bed without breaking anything.

Late night television on Halloween is the worst, because it’s all creepy, scary movies. And DadGuy likes to watch these movies at loud volumes which frankly, is the most horrible thing a person can do to me. When I only HEAR the scary sounds, I make up my own horror movie which then causes me to need a nightlight for the next two weeks. Because inside my head? Is REALLY scary.

I am also about 97% done with a new set of printables for Thanksgiving. I was going to be 100% done, but then, you know, that stuff up there happened, and well… another day.

I also got the news that we are hosting a JUST DANCE party for the release of Just Dance 3. It’s pretty much going to be amazeballs, AND hilarious, and if you live by me, come and bring your kids. I will have food, and drinks, and JUST DANCE 3 and we will crown a Dancing Queen at the end of the night. (But not really night, because I’m not a night time kind of a person. 4-6ish, please….) ANYHOW. You’re invited. November 19th. kthx.

And now to bed I go! (it almost sounded exciting, right?)