September 19, 2011


The best and worst thing about blogging is when you have nothing to say.

There isn’t anything important going on, and you don’t have any exciting news to share, but you still feel some sort of pull to connect. To put something out there and share your story, however insignificant you think it is that day.

Today is a typical Monday. I started Rebif again last night, because I’ve decided to take it before bed in the hopes that I can sleep off the worst of the symptoms. And by taking it Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I am not messing up any part of the weekend. Not that we have PLANS on the weekends, but on the off chance that we MIGHT indeed come up with a plan, I would like to be able to execute said plan in a fairly organized, and non-nauseating way.

The rest of the weekend was spent reassuring my children that I am okay, that they won’t get sick, that I’m not going to die, and that I LIKE getting shots. They almost believe me. Plus, I’m letting them push the button on my auto-injector, and then someone else puts my band-aid on. And I make sure that I’m smiling the whole time and that we laugh about how silly it all is. Because I need for them to see ME and not all the baggage that I have started carrying. So now it’s a game and a thing and it’s exciting instead of depressing.

rebif auto injector

In other news, good TV starts again this week. This is exciting, because at this point in my life, where I spend a lot of time laying down on the couch, I need choices. And I am sorry, but I can only watch so many re-runs of The Golden Girls and The Nanny before I feel the need to rip my ears off.


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