September 9, 2011

Family Feature Friday: Thaddeus

Thaddeus is in 2nd grade this year. He’s a very big helper around the house, and is 100% all boy all the time.

tad - indiana jones

He likes to pretend to be Indiana Jones (he needs a satchel) and thinks that reading is cool.

 tad smiletad goofy grin

He’s pretty goofy and likes to trick people and play jokes.  He cracks himself up and laughs so hard that he can’t breathe.

Thaddeus is a teeny bit prone to dramatics, which means that everything is REALLY, SUPER EXCITING or REALLY, TERRIBLY AWFUL.  There is no middle ground.

He also is a very black and white person. You are right, or you are wrong. Things are this way, or they are that way.  He has a very definitive view of the world, which I find refreshing.

Thaddeus is also very logical and mechanically minded. He asks questions until he understands something completely, and then he uses and applies that information. He learns about a particular subject until he is satisfied with himself. Subjects he has taken on include the planet Neptune, Abraham Lincoln, and Dragons.

Thaddeus can fold about 10 different kinds of paper airplanes (also a heavily researched subject) and will fold different planes for certain wind factors. His favorite paper airplane fold is the Sea Plane.

He’tad mohawk

Thaddeus likes to wear his hair his way. Sometimes he’ll grow it out long like a surfer, and sometimes he sports a mohawk. He actually understands hair color better than some of the adults I know, and will sometimes tell clients how HE thinks they should do their hair. It’s pretty much awesome.