September 27, 2011

Best. Mom. Ever.

I just decided that I don’t like injections in my arm. I just got my shot, and it stings and is already bruising.

I also had a really good day today. Like, I felt AWESOME.

And then when I was getting my stuff out to do my shot, I realized that I never took any of my medications from this morning. Obviously, my medicines are affecting me more than I realized. I also just swallowed eleven hundred pills.

Peonies & PoppyseedsI ALSO, also have been working on my Peonies and Poppyseeds site. It looks much better, and will have STUFF on it really soon. As in, tomorrow… probably. I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud because now something will happen and it will be another week before I actually take care of business. OH WELL.

In other news, I made delicious cereal bars last night. Basically, they’re just like rice krispie treats, except that I made them with multi-grain cheerios, crushed up pretzels, and an extraordinary amount of chocolate chips. I’m pretending that the cheerios make them healthy.  HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS.

Want to know what’s NOT healthy, and strictly delicious? Ice cream for dinner. Yeah, we just did that, thereby making me the Best. Mom. Ever.