August 8, 2011

Back to School Shopping was a Bust

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We went school shopping this weekend.

Of course, by that admission it sounds as though we were successful, so maybe I should say that we TRIED to go school shopping this weekend.

I have the same problem every time my kids need clothes, because half of my kids are built like me, while the other half have the great pleasure of being able to pull anything off the rack and have it look great. Naturally, it’s not the boys that are built one way, and the girls that are built the other. No, there is one of each.

This means that there is no clothes sharing in my house, because the clothes that fit my older kids, don’t fit my younger kids.

It’s incredibly obnoxious.

So when the Tax-Free Back to School Shopping Holiday Weekend rolled around this past weekend, I decided that we should hit it up. 

On Saturday, we went to seven different stores…. and came home with a (singular) shirt.

I just can’t bring myself to purchase pants that don’t fit the right way, and that aren’t quality. (Don’t you dare tell me that all denim is created equally.) And then all the back to school stuff was more for WINTER, and I’m sorry, but we need short sleeves.

At any rate, my back to school shopping? Was a bust.

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