June 3, 2011


I told Daniel to get in the shower.

It’s not a new thing, I mean, for the whole entirety of his existence he has had the same bedtime routine… dinner, baths, bed.


At any rate, I was upstairs doing the dishes, and Daniel was downstairs goofing off, so I yelled “Get in the shower!”

And he yells back, “I DID!”

So I yell back “So you’re in your pajamas and everything?”

And he calls back to me, “ONE MINUTE!”

So then I yelled at DadGuy, who was also downstairs COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS, as DadGuy’s are wont to be, “Dad! Can you check to see if Danny took a shower yet?”

At which point Daniel heaved this reply, “FINE. YOU GOT ME.”

And he sulked into the shower.

Moral of the story: I don’t trust anyone, I yell (not mean yell, just loud yell to be sure they hear), and Daniel likes to trick people.