June 14, 2011

The Measure of Love

I think that the word Love is thrown around too much.

Love, as I understand it to be, is not something that should be used flippantly, or when talking about things.

To me, love is a measure of affection, devotion, and care, and true love requires that you step outside of yourself.

I do not believe in soul mates. I don’t think that there is only one person out there in the world for you. The very idea makes me sad.

I think that if two people commit to each other, and to building a life together, that they can learn to love one another.

I don’t think that love just happens.

It requires work… painfully hard work at times.

It requires sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears.

It needs to be cultivated.

It needs to be looked after daily.

It needs to be cherished by both parties.

True love isn’t one sided.

And it doesn’t mean that one person is more than the other.

Love is a partnership.

It requires teamwork, and communication.

Love takes time.

True, deep love is built on trust and on friendship.

True love is passionate.

True love isn’t about holding hands and doodling your names together on a notebook.

True love is about creating.

Creating a life, creating a home, creating a family.

True love is always building up, never tearing down.

True love can get buried in the details. It can get lost in the day to day minutia of life.

But if you look, really look, it can always be found again.

True love isn’t always gentle, but it is always kind.

It’s more than butterflies, and it’s more than roses.

True love takes root deep inside your soul, and forever changes the person you are.

True love will help you become the person you’re meant to be.

That is the measure of love.

That is the measure of life.