June 7, 2011

Confession: I do not wear a wedding ring

Breakfast. Conference calls. Bus stops. Team meetings. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry….

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my life is a perpetual game of catch up, which is why anything that does double duty is a welcome addition to my day.

All in one cleaners? Love them.

Sofabed? Handy.

FUMI Keepsafe? Would have been nice to have last summer when I lost my wedding ring.

FUMI keep safe(Not my ring. This is a FUMI Keep Safe…. which is to say, a necklace that doubles as a ring holder. Which I wish I had had.)

Oh, did I never tell you about that? Yes, readers, my wedding ring is gone. Okay, technically, it is the DadGuy’s original wedding ring, but he got a new one, and after having babies, my fingers, much like my feet, never went back to the size they once were, so I inherited HIS ring, and my too small DIAMOND ring is safely tucked away.


Last summer, we were in Arizona for my sister Verity’s wedding. While we were there, my other sisters requested we have a tamale day, because they hadn’t made them before. (I don’t know why they hadn’t. We grew up in the same house.) At any rate, I took off my ring, and set it on the counter, and then POOF! It disappeared.

(I didn’t say it was an exciting story. Unless someone eats a tamale and finds it. Then my story will be LIKE MAGIC.)

I now wear a sterling silver band that, four babies ago, I used to wear as a thumb ring. I am also saying that if I had, had a necklace that opened up and held my ring in it’s safe little arms, I would at least still have a REAL wedding ring.

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