May 23, 2011

stuff I like. because I like stuff. or as my 5 year old would say: DUH.

stuff i like

I decided I’m going to tell you all the stuff I like. Because I like stuff, and you don’t live in my head. I consider this my public duty and also, my good deed which I from this point on hence forth and forever declare that extends from one “stuff I like” to the next.  (I have to cover my bases.)

brother cs6000i
  • Right now, I am liking my sewing machine. This is no way, shape, or form, affects you, and I don’t care. BECAUSE I LIKE IT ANYWAYS. And I am making a quilt.
  • I like that Courtney makes fun of herself. People that make fun of themselves are the best kinds of people. Trust me. I know these things.
  • Roasted Garlic Triscuits are delicious.
Now let’s talk about things I DON’T like. I have to tell you the things I don’t like because WHAT IF, one day, you are wondering whether or not I like something? This will just help you get a better feel for me as a person, which I would very MUCH like for you to have.
  • I do not like when my kids get sick on MONDAY. Because we were just all together all weekend, and they should go to school.
  • I do not like when my kids are home from school and the POWER GOES OUT.
  • I do not like when the POWER GOES OUT FOR MANY, MANY HOURS. It is rude of the power, you know?
  • I do not like having sick kids at home and NO TELEVISION for them to watch.
  • I do not like cleaning bathrooms in the dark.
  • I do not like NOT getting to do my laundry when I choose. I needed to do it TODAY because I cannot do it TOMORROW or the next day, or even the day after that. I needed to do it TODAY because certain people did not have underpants.
  • I do not like when my kids are sick, the bathrooms are dark, and we need underpants.
  • I WOULD like to reiterate that last statement. sick kids – no lights – bathroom problems. DO YOU COPY?
  • I do not like when the ice in the freezer melts together into one huge ice chunk of doom.
  • I do not like when my power goes out, my house phone doesn’t work, my cell phone is dead, and I have a conference call scheduled.
  • I do not like Pokémon.
And that is all.