May 11, 2011

Real Time

Once upon a time, the newest 5 year old in the house had a birthday.

And on this blessed occasion, I did what any good blogging mother of four would do,

And I grabbed the camera and took eleventy trillion photos because, after all, we live in a digital age.

And then after the birthday was over, and Daniel was looking oh so very FIVE,

DadGuy said to me, “I need to take the camera to work tomorrow. I have to take pictures of the jail.”

Because, apparently, that is in his job requirement.

(He is an accountant, be-tee-dubs)

And I said, “Okay,” because, really, what else does one say to that?

No, you can’t take photos of the county jail as per your inventory or whatever requires…

Yeah, I don’t think so.

So the next day, the husband takes the camera to work for his work type of thing.

And then he leaves it at work.

And then you remind him to bring it home.

And he leaves it at work again.

And then 6 days have past since the glorious fifth birthday,

And you remember why “blogging in real time” can be frustrating.

Because sometimes in real time, you have no time.

Sometimes you have days and weeks that run into each other,

And those days, and weeks, and sometimes even months steamroll you into the ground,

And you just do the best that you can, with what you have.

Which sometimes happens to be a new five year old,

And a camera locked in a desk at the county offices.

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