April 6, 2011

I've been blogging for four years, and still, the writing of the post title is the hardest part of it all. (Does it convey the right message? Of course not!).

Sometimes I think about spending more time with my husband, which in our case would pretty much consist of watching the same tv shows (Television is our second love language) except that then I hear screaming and shrieking and power tools followed by the inevitable gushing that television producers use to imitate massive blood loss and I choose to spend more time with my computer instead.

My first grader is learning about run on sentences this week. I just love the irony of it all because I think we can all agree that run on sentences have a special place in my cold dead heart, mostly on account of that first "paragraph" up there is TECHNICALLY only one sentence, and that at this very point in this very blog post, I am only on sentence number three.

If only my English teacher could see me now...