March 25, 2011

This is one reason I don't answer my phone...

I was going to do a blog post that was all: 


you know? 

But then I remembered that I'm still sick, and even though the pills I'm taking help me to breathe, it still feels like my head is going to detach itself from my body every time I cough, which, while less often than a week ago, still happens often enough that I sorta wish it WOULD just detach already because I. AM. DIED. 

In other head-related news, I have had a song stuck in my head for two days. This is a problem, because the only way I have ever been able to unstick a song from my head is by completing all verses of the lyrics, and this is a relatively new song (to me) and I don't know the lyrics, so I have the chorus stuck in my head on repeat. At least it's a good song? 

I also realized that I never told you that we OFFICIALLY only own one home. We also OFFICIALLY will be residing in our current home for at least three years because our credit is very screwed up now, and for that I thank you Arizona economic crisis. 

In other OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL business, I have been going to bed at a fairly reasonable hour of late. And of late late, as in the last week, I have been going to bed at an unfairly reasonable hour called seven in the p.m.

Meanwhile, I am going to start writing down all the things I say to my children while I am on the phone. Because my children think that me being on the phone means that they have free reign to terrorize any and all parts of the house and/or any living thing therein. 

For Example: I was talking to DeNae on the phone (do you know DeNae? She just started up a copywriting business.... and will possibly skype piano lessons with my children... maybe. she might not be serious about that last bit, BUT I AM.) At any rate, I was speaking with DeNae when I had to interrupt and say: 

"Get the pliers out of your nose"

I couldn't make this up if I tried. 

And on that glorious note, I'm out.