March 16, 2011

The post in which I hint at something, but never give you actual clues… IT’S MY BLOG AND I’M ALLOWED TO DO THESE SORTS OF THINGS. What the caps?

I was totally going to show you my kids and their super special haircuts, but then I would have to remember to load my pictures to my blog, which would require me being at home and available and able to find the right cord ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

ALSO: I have something so super exciting to tell you, but I can’t until Monday. {eep!}

PLUS did you know that my birthday is in like, two weeks? I’m only telling you so that you have enough time to write lovely things about me on your own blogs. Because that would be my favorite kind of present… a tribute post. #justsaying

MEANWHILE: I have been going to bed by ten. Except for right now. Because it’s 10:12pm currently. BUT AS SOON AS I HIT PUBLISH, I HIT THE SACK.

It’s been really a lot harder than I imagined putting myself on a sleeping schedule. Which is sorta ridiculous in the first place because I’m, you know, NOT A BABY.

Speaking of babies: Dear PR People that want to send me baby stuff all the time: THIS IS A BABY FREE ZONE.

The end.