March 31, 2011

Kitchen: The Plan of Attack

I’ve been agonizing over my kitchen for more than a year, and I finally think I have an official plan of attack. I WAS going to paint the cabinets black, but I have decided that it’s not really “me”. (of course, I will probably change my mind 8 more times so WHO KNOWS!)

kitchen plan

1. Crown Moulding: I am going to add some HEIGHT to the upper cabinets with some 1x6’s and some crown moulding ala The Lettered Cottage.


2. Paint! The upper cabinets will be painted a soft white.

3. MORE PAINT! And the lower cabinets will be going gray.

4. MORE PAINT AGAIN! AND TRIM! I am thinking that the kitchen island should be an aqua/robins egg soft blue. Or a light apple-y green. Or if I paint the accent wall, then it will just the same gray as the other lower cabinets. (aack! Do you see what I mean? Too many options people.)

5. New Countertops: Nothing too fancy here, because the budget won’t allow. But I’m thinking a new laminate that isn’t stark white is in order… Possibly with a butcher block top for the island.

6. More Paint! And possibly a tiled backsplash, but for now, I just have to get rid of the yellow. {shudder}