February 22, 2011

The Shortlings are Sleeping

It’s 1:34 in the morning and I’m up…

As usual.

And I’m blogging….

Also as usual.

And since those two things collide way more than they should, I've decided to give you a detailed account of just exactly what happens after my children go to bed.

7:00pm – I tuck the shortlings in bed for the night.

7:05pm – I go to the bathroom in peace

7:10pm- I fix myself a drink.

7:15pm – I debate over a snack

7:20pm – Still debating

7:30pm – Decide I don’t want a snack and refill my drink

7:32pm – Hear tiny voices floating down the stairs

7:33pm – Yell at tiny people.

7:34pm – Listen really hard to see if tiny people did in fact, shut up.

7:35pm – open the laptop

7:37pm – begin going through emails

7:40pm – delete. delete. delete.

8:00pm – move on to “important emails”

9:46pm – remember that I haven’t taken my pills.

9:47pm – tell yourself that you are going to start taking them in the morning

9:48 pm – debate between taking your pills NOW, and then taking them in the morning… OR skip them now and take them in the morning, since you will be up soon anyways.

9:49pm – answer the telephone.

9:50pm – discuss business with west coast mom blogger business partner

9:52pm – jealously listen as she places her McDonald’s drive thru order and wish you had chicken nuggets. Or french fries. Or a block of salt. But only if it was a HOT block of salt

9:53pm – go into the kitchen and look for a snack

9:54pm – stare in the pantry

9:55pm – still staring

9:56pm – still staring

9:57pm – decide to get a drink of water

9:58pm – see pill bottles on the counter

9:59pm – try to remember if you already took them….

10:00pm – keep trying

10:01pm – still trying

10:02pm – ask Elisa if she knows if you took your pills. Become frustrated that she doesn’t know the answer

10:03pm – take the pills anyways, just to be safe.

10:04pm – forget what you were talking about.

10:05pm – get another drink, then go back to sit at the computer and actually get work done.

10:06pm – Get a text message from the person you’re on the phone with, while composing an email to said person.

10:07pm – Laugh at the irony of it all.

10:08pm – Say “Okay, we REALLY NEED TO GET TO WORK NOW.”

11:00pm – Hang up, look over pages of notes, devise plan of attack.

11:05pm – Remember that you need to finish up that other project that was due 17 days ago.

11:06pm – begin working furiously.

1:00am – Project finished.

1:01am- double, triple, quadruple check project…

1:20am – Everything is golden

1:21am – make a to-do list for tomorrow

1:25am – decide you’re not really tired, and see what’s happening on twitter

1:33am – think about writing a blog post

1:34am – write a blog post

1:58am – finish the blog post

1:59pm – post and good night, uh, morning. you know, whatever.