February 18, 2011

Love/Hate and Ankles

2011 is my friend. This is really good news because 2010 and me had a love/hate relationship that was 95% hate.

The only “bad” thing about this year, stems from a rather unfortunate moon bounce incident that happened last year. Therefore, it technically doesn’t count, even though it is a little annoying. You see, my ankle. It is tender… still.

The worst part of my day is getting out of bed in the morning.

In the morning, my ankle is frozen.

It does not want to get out of bed, it does not want to gently place my foot on the floor, and it most definitely does not want to go to the bathroom or walk down 15 steps to get people ready for school. 

If I get in the car too fast, it hurts.

If I walk to much, it hurts.

The rotation that should be there, isn’t, and has been replaced by a paranoia of yet another repeat injury.

ALSO: shin splints (or maybe just splint, singular)  and the ever growing awareness that I have to move my ankle A, B, C in order for it to move X, Y, Z. (It gets STUCK and I have to physically my foot in a counter clockwise direction to loosen the muscle on the top.)

At any rate, I probably am going to see some kind of foot doctor in the next little while because, uh, I think this was probably more than just a sprain.

In the meantime, Chum Chum says hi.
chum chum says hi