November 30, 2010

The Really Stupid Injury

The whole family was invited to a birthday party.

we were invited to a birthday party

It was held at a super awesome place full of huge moon bounces.

moon bounce house2

It was so incredibly awesome that the children were all “Whoa.” and then “YAY!”





Everyone was having fun bouncing around…

bouncing around having fun

Everyone, that is, except Danny.

sad panda

You see, Daniel is a cautious little soul, who seems to be afraid of things like, bugs, dogs, and heights.

terrifying objects

So in order for him to even get in a bouncy house, he needed a parent with him.

Which is kinda nice, to be honest, because then DadGuy and I get to play on all the bouncy stuff and have a good time, but we’re doing it “for the kids.” (wink wink)

At any rate, DadGuy had taken Danny through the super amazing obstacle course of death a couple of times, and needed a break.

So I took a turn.

I climbed in and got over the first rock wall.

yay slide!

Where I proceeded to twist my ankle into a pretzel. What can I say, I have skills.

oh crap that hurts

My ankle immediately swelled and sharp pains started shooting through to my knees.

Daniel started to whimper, while I told myself repeatedly, “Don’t cry in front of Danny. Don’t cry in front of Danny. DON’T CRY IN FRONT OF DANNY.”

don't cry

The worst part was realizing that I would have to FINISH the whole obstacle course of death in order to get out.

So I put my game face on, and hobbled through.

First up: another rock wall.

can't go back

Followed by: the Squeeze. Which is exactly high enough to be difficult to squeeze through, but exactly low enough that using the “steps” would make everything MORE awkward….

the squeeze

Then it was through some oversized punching bags.

pop up obstacles

And then it was on to the ENORMOUS ROCK WALL OF DOOM, Which, of all the obstacles, is the absolute worst, because it requires the use of TWO good ankles.

no srsly are you kidding me

It took me awhile to figure out a good way to climb up this thing, and the whole time Daniel was in front of me, telling me to hurry.

(Dear everyone, we can all agree that telling someone to hurry does not in fact make them speed up, yes?)

I finally made it to the top, and then slid down with Daniel on my lap. I tried to stand up without drawing attention to myself, because honestly, I did not want anyone to know that I got hurt in a CHILD’S PLAY THING.

looking left

looking right










I managed to hobble over to a bench, where I discreetly told the DadGuy that I had sprained my ankle, and P.S. There was a “pop”.

We managed to get through the rest of the party, and to my great relief, nobody except for DadGuy and Daniel were aware of my incredibly stupid injury.

i hate this day

And that is how I spent my Saturday.

The End.

P.S. OFFICIALLY: I tore the joint capsule in my ankle, and it’s leaking fluid. Plus, I sprained it really bad. ON A MOON BOUNCE. AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY. I AM AWESOME, HEAR ME ROAR. And it’s black and blue and squishy BECAUSE OF ALL THE FLUID. Compression wrap and elevation, for the win!