November 19, 2010

Decisions, decisions

I’m in the process of re-doing my house. And when I say “in the process” what I really mean is that I sit and stare at various places in my house and day dream about what should go where and if I should paint the ceiling a color other than white.  Of course, the easiest place to start would be the bathroom and I could get some pretty sweet bathroom furniture for a relatively low cost. But do I want to start small, with maybe a medicine cabinet, or do I want to go BIG and get a new vanity? Because if I get a vanity, I’ll have to tile the floors. Which means I’ll have to re-do the baseboards. Which means I’ll have to paint. And if I’m going to do all of that, then I should really do the cut-outs in the wall the way I want and do the whole beadboard with a crown molding shelf. I mean, OBVIOUSLY people.

Meanwhile, my stairs.

Here is the problem with my stairs. They are connected to my foyer. Which is connected to everything else. Which means that the color that my foyer is painted (which just so happens to be my most favorite color on the face of the planet and I LOVE IT with the fire of a thousand burning sons) sets the tone for the WHOLE REST OF MY HOUSE. Because it is connected to all. three. floors.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s my stairs. (As they are RIGHT NOW. Because I just took a picture two minutes ago.)

stairs in foyer

I was nice enough to point out all the potential areas of upgrade.

I am going to rip out the carpet. It’s a given. BUT. Do I want to paint the stair treads, or pay for ones to match the oak bannister? Speaking of the oak bannister, I really want to paint it white. I want the spindles and the post ends to be WHITE, and ideally, I would stain the bannister almost black, but I’ll probably just leave it, because if I stained it, then I would have to refinish my floors, and if I had enough money to do things like that, I wouldn’t be living in a townhouse, ya’ know? 


The flooring in the entry  needs to be changed. I want to tile THE WHOLE DOWNSTAIRS. All the way to the lovely sliding glass doors that you see in the back. The whole thing. Tiled. With travertine. Thankyouverymuch. No, I do not want to do the wood floors downstairs because of the whole snow and rain thing. Snow and rain absolutely ruin hardwood floors, and I would much rather prefer some sort of stone.

Back to the stairs.

(Are you beginning to see why this is such a BIG decision? It literally affects every. aspect. of my home.)

I want to add some sort of beadboard/paneling/shadow boxes to the walls on the staircase. But whatever I decide, has to look good in the foyer, up the stairs, on PART of the second floor, up the second floor staircase, and in the third floor hallways.

So my questions to you are these: What paneling treatment would you give my stairs?

stairs before

Do you think I should take this same gorgeous gray and wrap it up the stairs and all through the house? Or get the same shade, but lighter to go up the stairs? 


Should I paint the spindles white? And the foyer light black?


And I was maybe thinking of painting the inside of my door either A)Lime B)Bluish-Gray or C)Black. What do you think?


But mostly talk to me about the stair paneling… and whether or not you have a miter saw I can borrow.