November 22, 2010

Danny vs. the Squirrel

This is the true story of Danny vs. the Squirrel.
danny vs squirrel
One day, Danny noticed a squirrel on the porch. The squirrel was doing all sorts of squirrely things, like sitting there, and eating something, and pondering how he would take over the world… Danny was NOT a fan.
He asked the squirrel to move, as politely as a four year old can.
danny vs squirrel 2
When this did not work, Danny was mad.
danny vs squirrel 3

The squirrel continued to not listen, and Danny continued to get more upset… so upset, in fact, that he threatened to beat the squirrel up.
danny vs squirrel 4
And wouldn’t you know that that squirrel just didn’t care? But by this time, Danny was very upset and very sad, all at the same time. He didn’t WANT to beat the squirrel up, but his options were limited.
danny vs squirrel 5
And when his genius reverse psychology failed to work, He. Had. Had it.
So he ran outside screaming.
danny vs squirrel 6
danny vs squirrel RAWR
squirrel doh
The squirrel had finally realized that Danny meant business.
Which only left him with one option.
danny vs squirrel 7
Danny was just happy that he didn’t have to beat up any squirrels.
Because, as he pointed out, they do have fluffy tails, so they must be girls.
And he doesn’t want to beat up a girl.
danny victory
Danny: 1  -  Squirrel: 0
Way to be Danny, way to be.