October 15, 2010

Book Love

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately because books kinda rock.

I mean, reading blogs and online things is nice, but you just can’t beat sinking into a scorching hot bath at night, turning page after page, while the water slowly goes cold. Just. Can’t. Beat it.

Naturally, I have to tell you what I’ve been reading and whether or not I liked it. This is very important because even if I don’t like a book, I’ll read it, just to make sure it doesn’t get any better at the end, and that my initial dislike was correct. (It usually is) Therefore, when I say a book is BAD or TERRIBLE or that I wanted to STAB MY EYEBALLS OUT you can trust my judgment because I’m telling you IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER. IT WAS JUST HUNDREDS OF PAGES OF CRAP…. I should know, because I read every word.

So, books of late:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan I read all 5 books in 2 days. Loved them. Bought them. Will read again. *sidenote* the movie is crap.
The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins GO BUY THIS WHOLE SERIES RIGHT. NOW.

Great for kids. Adventure, codes, giant talking rats…. and absolutely no smut at any point. And Gregor is written like an actual 11 year old boy. (Because I hate when people say a character is one age, and then the kid is written like a mini adult. I mean, an 11 year old does not a 15 year old storyline make…)

Seriously though, GO GET THESE BOOKS.
The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane Am I glad I read it? I don’t know. I read it. Would I recommend it? That depends. Do you like graphic depictions of sex and murder? I mean, it’s about a brother and a sister who are twins, and also slaves, and she is sold to a brothel, and he is sold to a gladiator camp. Do I need to go on?
The Silver Eagle by Ben Kane It’s the sequel to the above. I mean, I had to know how it would end. NOT THAT IT ACTUALLY ENDED. Gah. pet peeve of mine. Hopefully, there will be a third book in the series so we can actually have an ending.
Blue Heaven by C.J. Box Couldn’t put it down. Classic good cop, bad cop story with a (relatively) happy ending.
Three Weeks to say Goodbye by C.J. Box. Would be an adoptive parents worst nightmare. Half way through, I knew where it was going, but I had to see how Box would tie up the loose ends. Makes you really appreciate your own life.
Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin I read all of these books.. Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love the One You’re With, and Heart of the Matter.

I was embarrassed for myself the whole time.

I kept hoping they would get better, but they didn’t. My mom asked me if she should read them. I said, please don’t, because then I’ll be REALLY embarrassed. I wish I could get those precious wasted hours of my life back… no joke. 
Every Last One by Anna Quidlen Are you kidding me? I had a shower. I washed my hair. I want to stab my eyeballs out because I cannot handle the way she writes. {shudder}
Angelology by Danielle Trussoni Not too bad, but not too good either. Story was predictable, which is a shame because it could have been SO SO GOOD. I vote you read it for the sake of reading it, but it’s not going to be your favorite book you’ve ever read.

It will mostly make you hate angels.

BUT if they ever made a movie out of *THIS* I would totally see it. Because this is one of the few books that would be improved with special effects.
Running Blind by Lee Child I liked it until I got to the end and was all, “That’s IT? THAT’S how they died?” And then I tried to see if *I* would die if I did what the book said, but guess what guys, I’M NOT DEAD. But maybe if I was laying down when I did it, but I was too scared to try hard, so that POSSIBLY could work, but we’ll never know.

Plus, it’s a Jack Reacher book.
One Shot by Lee Child Another Jack Reacher book. I just hope they never try to make a movie about one of these stories, because then they would cast the wrong person, forever tainting my ideal of a leading man. (cough cough, TWILIGHT) Oh. I forgot. The book = good.  (Lee Child books are usually good. But they’re really quick reads.)


So, readers, what should I read next?