August 27, 2010

We started out well enough…

We spent the majority of today at the doctors office, getting our annual well child checks…

shortlings rolling down the hill

See how everyone is smiling in that photo? THAT IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF MY DAY.

We had four appointments back to back.

Except for that whole part where they meant back to back as in,

We’ll see these two right now,

and then we’ll see these two after our lunch break.

In 45 minutes.

Which was exactly enough time to NOT drive home and back.

So we had to leave,

For 45 minutes,

Between rounds of shots,

So that we could eat something,

(Or more appropriately, NOT eat and just play with the toy.)

Before we had to head back and get MORE shots.

Which are even less fun WHEN YOU KNOW THEY’RE COMING.

Because basically,

The children start crying as soon as you pull in to park.

And then you have to drag some people back in to the office,

And carry another one, because he is CERTAIN that his legs will fall off if he uses them because the mean doctor in the green shirt “shot-ted him”

IN SHORT: smiles, gone. tears, en masse. Total hours spent “at” the doctor: FIVE.

Also of interest:

Three of us are within a half a pound of each other.

And then we have the tiny.

Who is a solid 15 pounds less than everybody else.

Readers: Meet the tiny.

meet tiny