August 12, 2010

Dear Sir:

Dear I-95,

Thanks so much for making me feel right at home. I mean, WHERE ELSE in the world can you be stuck in grid-lock traffic for over two hours at midnight? Nowhere.


The Bingham Family


Dear Angie,

I am home. And my house was BEYOND spotless. I partially attribute this to you and your teasing of the DadGuy every time you ran into him this summer.

See you soon,



Dear Mom,

The kids have already adjusted to the East Coast time zone. I was a little bit worried, but we haven’t had any problems. They sorta slept in the first day, but now we’re good.

The only problem we’re having is figuring out what to eat, because I haven’t done the shopping. Which means that we have a lot of Doritos and Coke, and a few other random ingredients.

love you,



Dear Summer Vacation,

It was fun, and I loved about 98% of you, but I’m so glad to be home again. I know you’re not over just yet, and I plan to enjoy every minute left. I will get around to re-capping the best parts of you soon.

yours in heat and humidity,